Two new Crenicichla species described

Two new Crenicichla

Crenicichla tuca (top) and Crenicichla tapii (botton). Photo from publication.

A recent published paper has described two new Crenicichla species from the Iguazu River in South America. Crenicichla are commonly known as pike cichlids and depending on the species, can range in size from a few inches to almost two feet.

The two new Crenicichla species have been named Crenicichla tuca and Crenicichla tapii. As seen in the pictures above, C. tuca has an unusual mouth which sets it apart from other Crenicichla. While C. tuca appear to be solitary, C. tapii was usually observed in schools with other tapii. The article also revisits three other species of Crenicichla found in the same waters; C. iguassuensis, C. tesay and C. yaha.

The article, originally published in the Argentinian magazine Historia Natural, can be downloaded in PDF format from HERE. Two discuss the two new Crenicichla species or the three other species discussed in the article, visit the South American Cichlid forum.

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