Tropheus sp. “Red” from Lake Tanganyika

tropheus sp

Tropheus sp. “Red” (Lupota). Photo be Ad Konings

Tropheus sp. “Red” (Lupota) is one of about a dozen “Red” Tropheus that were originally classified as a T. moorii variant. Color differences between the “Red” and moorii variants led to the distinction between the two species. “Red” species Tropheus have yet to be officially described, but include many variants from different locations. Images of the different variants can be found at the bottom of the Tropheus Profiles page.

In the aquarium Tropheus sp. “Red” (Lupota) is similar to all other Tropheus species. They are herbivores that are best kept in large groups to minimize aggression. The aggression can be intense until a pecking order is established. If diet and water conditions are right, Tropheus can breed readily. Young offspring join the colony without danger from larger members. To discuss T. sp. “Red” (Lupota) visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum. The Tropheus Corner library section offers many articles about the genus.

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