Tropheus sp. “Ikola” Kaiser

tropheus sp

Tropheus sp. “Ikola”. Photo by Dave Hansen

One of the many varieties of Tropheus from Lake Tanganyika is the brightly colored Tropheus sp. “Ikola”. This variant’s contrasting yellow and black make a stunning display in large groups. Like other Tropheus, T. sp. “Ikola” should be kept in a large tank and it large groups. This is important not only for their well-being, but also so they can display their natural behavior.

As always, care should be taken when housing Tropheus. Aquarium size, diet, tankmates and group size are important when considering any fish from this genus. Although not always recommended for novice hobbyists, anyone who is willing to make the effort should be able to keep Tropheus. Make sure to read up on the articles in the Tropheus Corner. To discuss Tropheus sp. “Ikola” visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

Below is a short video showing a colony of Tropheus sp. “Ikola” by Gökçe Gençel

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