Tropheus sp. “Black” Kifumbe

tropheus sp

Tropheus sp. “Black” Kifumbe. Photo by Ad Konings

Tropheus sp. “Black” Kifumbe is one of the many variants in the “Black” group of Tropheus. Found along the western shore of Lake Tanganyika, T. sp. “Black” Kifumbe makes its home along the rocky shore feeding on algae. Tropheus species are usually found in large groups. Males tend to be very territorial when protecting their feeding areas and spawning. This behavior carries over into the aquarium.

Special attention is needed when it comes to feeding and dealing with Tropheus‘ aggression. Food needs to be high in plant matter to prevent digestive issues which can lead to death. Stress, resulting from aggression, can also lead to the same results. Tropheus are best kept in large groups with plenty of room and cover. Once a hierarchy is achieved, aggression isn’t a major problem. Tropheus are generally not recommended for beginning hobbyists. For information on Tropheus species check out the Tropheus Corner section of the library. To discuss Tropheus sp. “Black” Kifumbe visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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