Tropheus brichardi spawn video

Short video of a pair of Tropheus brichardi spawning.

Tropheus brichardi is one of the handful of Tropheus species from Lake Tanganyika. T. brichardi, with its variants, isn’t as common in the hobby as the many variants of T. duboisi, T. sp. “Black” or T. moorii. Nonetheless, several variants of T. brichardi can be found from the right breeders, importers and hobbyists. Although often referred to as blue-eyed Tropheus, there are many variants within the brichardi genus and not all blue-eyed Tropheus are brichardi. Like other Tropheus species, T. brichardi are aggressive, algae grazers that make their homes in the rocky shallows throughout the lake. Keeping Tropheus requires special attention to their dietary needs and well as tank sizes and stocking. It is sometimes said that Tropheus are a species best left to “advanced” hobbyists, but with proper attention to the species’ requirements, anyone can keep them.

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tropheus brichardi

Tropheus brichardi Kipili. Photo by Ad Konings

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