Tropheus brichardi Kipili spawn video

A short video from PISCES showing a pair of Tropheus brichardi Kipili spawning. The female can clearly be seen depositing and picking up her eggs.

As the name suggest, Tropheus brichardi Kipili are found in the southwestern shores of Lake Tanganyika around Kipili. The brichardi species of Tropheus are commonly known as blue-eyed cichlid for the color of their eyes. Like other Tropheus, T. brichardi can be highly aggressive toward their own species. Some say that T. brichardi are more aggressive than other Tropheus species.

Large groups are always recommended when it comes to Tropheus. This allows aggressive to be spread out and no individual is singled out. Once a pecking order is established, a large group can live relatively peacefully. Care should be taken when choosing tanksmates. Dietary requirements should be considered to ensure all species eat properly. In the case of Tropheus a diet high is vegetable matter is a must. Tankmates should also be able to tolerate the high level of activity of a Tropheus tank. Shy and easily stressed fish will not do well.

For more information on Tropheus in general visit the Tropheus Corner. To discuss Tropheus brichardi Kipili visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

Tropheus brichardi

Tropheus brichardi Kipili. Photo by Ad Konings

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