Tropheops sp. “olive” from Lake Malawi


Tropheops sp. “olive”. Photo by Ad Konings

Found along the northern shores of Lake Malawi, Tropheops sp. “olive” is a colorful, algae grazing mbuna. Although variations in color can be found among locations, males are usually yellow while females are silver with black bars. T. sp. “olive” isn’t often exported, they can be found on stock lists periodically.

Like other Tropheops, T. sp. “olive” is very aggressive. Males won’t tolerate other males and females are treated roughly too. Best kept in tanks with plenty of cover and in groups of one male to multiple females. Tankmates should include other mbuna with similar temperament and dietary needs. A diet high in spirulina is recommended. Other mbuna species should not be closely related to minimize aggression and possible cross-breeding. To discuss Tropheops sp. “olive” visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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