Tropheops sp. “Broad Mouth” from Lake Malawi

Tropheops sp

Tropheops sp. “Broad Mouth”. Photo by Ad Konings

Another of the many yet-to-be-described species of mbuna from Lake Malawi is the Tropheops sp. “Broad Mouth”. Characterized by the rapid downward slope of its upper jaw, T. sp. “Broad Mouth” from the Minos Reef area are an attractive blue and yellow. The inhabit the sediment rich, rocky areas feeding on algae.

Species like Tropheops sp. “Broad Mouth” are occasionally imported from the Lake Malawi. Unfortunately, until the species is properly identified, it may appear under different names. Regardless, if you do get your hands on this species typical mbuna rules apply. Males are territorial and aggressive. Best kept in groups of one male to multiple females. A diet heavy in plant matter is best. Caves and rocks should be provided both for spawning and protection. To discuss T. sp. “Broad Mouth” visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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