Tropheops sp. “Boadzulu” from Lake Malawi

Tropheops sp

Tropheops sp. “Boadzulu” Makokola Reef. Photo by Ad Konings

Tropheops sp. “Boadzulu” Makokola Reef is another example of the colorful and varied Lake Malawi mbuna. T. sp “Boadzulu” isn’t a recognized species and as such there is some confusion in hobby. The image above is sometimes used when referring to T. sp. “Elongatus Boadzulu”. The Tropheops genus is made up of many fish that have not been formally recognized and some species in the genus have even been reclassified to the new genus Chindongo.

If you do find obtain some Tropheops sp. “Boadzulu” Makokola Reef, or other species from this genus, the usual care for mbuna should be taken. Most species are herbivores with some omnivores. Unless you know for certain that the species is an omnivore, mbuna should be fed a diet high in plant matter. A quality spirulina flake is your best bet. Cross-species breeding is also a possibility of many mbuna species since the females can look very similar. Closely related species from the same genus should hot be kept together, especially variants of the same species. For more information on the mbuna diet see the article by Feeding Mbuna by Marc Elieson. To discuss Tropheops. sp “Boadzulu” or other Tropheops species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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