Tropheops sp. “Aurora” from Lake Malawi

Tropheops sp

Tropheops sp. “Aurora”. Photo by Ad Konings

Another group of Lake Malawi mbuna is the genus Tropheops. This genus, like Pseudotropheus and Metriaclima, has undergone some revisions in recent years. At one time Tropheops were considered a subgroup of Pseudotropheus. For now, the fish pictured above goes by Tropheops sp. “Aurora”.

Like other Tropheops, T. sp. “Aurora” is a herbivore that spends its time eating algae from rock close to shore. These fish can be territorial and that behavior can be extreme in the confines of an aquarium. Males are intolerant of other T. sp. “Aurora” males and females are often harassed. It is best to keep multiple females to a single male. Although they tend to ignore other species’ males it is not guaranteed, especially if the other species has similar colors.

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