Tropheops macrophthalmus from Lake Malawi

Tropheops macrophthalmus

Tropheops macrophthalmus. Photo by Ad Konings

Tropheops macrophthalmus, formerly Pseudotropheus macrophthalmus, can be found in several locations throughout Lake Malawi. Despite being widespread, the largest concentrations are found on the eastern shores of Mozambique and Tanzania. Like other mbuna, T. macrophthalmus is a herbivore that finds food and shelter along the rocky, shallow shores.

Although not too common in the hobby, Tropheops macrophthalmus can be found. Males are a striking yellow with some blue in the fins and sometimes the head. Females are not very colorful. Due to aggression, it is best to keep a single male to multiple females. Tankmates should also be herbivores and of suitable aggression levels. Other species’ females should not be similar to T. macrophthalmus females and males should be of a different color or pattern. To discuss Tropheops macrophthalmus visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

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