Trematocranus pachychilus from Lake Malawi

Trematocranus pachychilus

Trematocranus pachychilus. Photo from publication.

A new species of Trematocranus has recently been named. Joining a small group, Trematocranus pachychilus becomes only the forth species in the genus to be described. This species of haplochromis has only been collected in one part of Lake Malawi along the Mozambique shore. Trematocranus species are known to be snail eaters and it appears T. pachychilus is not exception. The species is named pachychilus for its thick lips which stand out from most other Trematocranus.

The description publish on ZooKeys goes into detail of other distinguishing characteristics setting Trematocranus pachychilus apart from other species in the genus. Hopefully pictures of live specimens will be available soon. Discussion on T. pachychilus can be done in the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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