Tramitichromis intermedius from Lake Malawi

Tramitichromis intermedius

Tramitichromis intermedius. Photo by Ad Konings

A peaceful hap from Lake Malawi, Tramitichromis intermedius can be found throughout the lake over muddy or sandy sediment filled bottoms. Feeding by sifting sand and debris, T. intermedius’ diet consists mostly of insect larva and other invertebrates. Mature males can reach over 6 inches in length while females are a little shorter. The striking blue, yellow and green coloration is usually only seen on dominant males. This species differentiates itself from Tramitichromis sp. “Intermedius” by the positioning of spots on the flank and the shape of the face. Despite the differences, confusion in the trade is common.

The gentle nature of Tramitichromis intermedius needs to be taken into account when considering tankmates. Aggressive or highly active species should be avoided. A large aquarium with plenty of soft sand is a must if you want to see their natural behavior or get them to breed. Dominant males will dig out a small pit and display in order to attract females. One male to multiple females is recommended. Food should be high in protein with some plant matter included. Females will hold the eggs until they mature enough to be released. To discuss T. intermedius visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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