Tilapia joka from West Africa

tilapia joka

Tilapia joka. Photo by Dave Hansen

Tilapia joka is an unusual looking cichlids found in rivers and streams of Sierra Leone and Liberia. Fish from the genus Tilapia are not usually seen in the hobby, but T. joka is one of the few. Its attractive barring an small size have earned them a place in West African cichlid enthusiast’s tanks. While they grow to around 8 inches in the wild, in aquariums they tend not to exceed more than 5 inches.

Tilapia joka is a mild mannered fish and does best when kept with other less aggressive fish. A pair will bond and remain monogamous. T. joka should be kept in soft, clean water. Diet should include plant matter with some protein. Females will lay up to 200 eggs inside a cave and both parents will care for the offspring. During breeding males can become territorial. To discuss Tilapia joka visit the West African forum.

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