Thysochromis ansorgii from West Africa

Thysochromis ansorgii

Thysochromis ansorgii. Photo by Dave Hansen

Found in many locations throughout West Africa, Thysochromis ansorgii is both at home moving or swampy waters. T. ansorgii is a pair-bonding cichlid that prefers cave-like locations to spawn. Sometimes commonly called the five-spot cichlid, it is not to be confused with the another five-spot cichlid, Hemichromis fasciatus.

Since Thysochromis ansorgii is a pair-bonding cichlid, it is best to obtain a group of younger fish and allow them to pair off on their own. They aren’t always found is stock lists but they do appear from time to time. They aren’t too aggressive, even when spawning, but will protect their eggs and young. It is said that pairs will breed often when young, but will slow down as they age and get larger. To discuss T. ansorgii visit the West African Species forum.


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