Thoracochromis sp. “Lake Albert”

Thoracochromis sp

Thoracochromis sp. “Lake Albert” dark morph. Photo by Greg Steeves

Lake Albert, like most lakes in Africa other than the “big three”, doesn’t get much recognition. In reality, Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi are the largest of 10 lakes that make up the African Great Lakes. In Lake Albert we find can Thoracochromis sp. “Lake Albert” among other cichlid species. Pictured above is the common dark morph of the species. Other males of the T. sp. “Lake Albert” species are light in color with a yellowish body and red head.

There isn’t much information about Thoracochromis sp. “Lake Albert” and it has only recently started appearing in the hobby. Most likely its behavior is similar to other Thoracochromis like Thoracochromis brauschi. Hopefully we will start seeing more T. sp. “Lake Albert”. To discuss this species and other species from the Lake Victoria Basin visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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