Thoracochromis demeusii from the Congo River

Thoracochromis demeusii

Thoracochromis demeusii. Photo by Dave Hansen

A fish rarely found in the hobby, Thoracochromis demeusii comes from the lower Congo River in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Males develop a hump on their head as they mature, but nothing as large as Cyphotilapia frontosa or other cichlid species with nuchal humps.

Thoracochromis demeusii are maternal mouthbrooders that live in the Congo River and in surrounding rivers and streams. They are considered threatened by mining in the region as well as dam construction. While only reaching about 5 inches in length, T. demeusii is also harvested as a food source in the region. To discuss this species and others from the region visit the West African forum.

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