Thoracochromis brauschi from the Fwa River region

Thoracochromis brauschi

Thoracochromis brauschi. Photo by Dave Hansen

Thoracochromis brauschi is a species found in the Fwa River region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (aka Zaire until 1997). There are several species of cichlids in the Fwa River, but T. brauschi is the best known in the hobby.

Thoracochromis brauschi, often called the “blood throat” cichlid, is rarely found on stock lists despite its attractive and unique coloration. Males display a bright red color from the bottom of their mouth all the way through their pelvic fins. Females are drab and do not display the “blood throat” colors. T. brauschi is a mild mannered fish that rarely displays aggression toward other species. This makes them great additions to many community setups. To find out more about Thoracochromis brauschi check out the Species Article by Greg Steeves. Discussion on this species can also be done in the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.

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