Telmatochromis sp. “red cheek”


Telmatochromis sp. “red cheek”. Photo by Dave Hansen

Telmatochromis sp. “red cheek” has not been formally described but its colorful cheeks and personality have made it very popular with hobbyist. Finding them in stores or online can be difficult but not impossible. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about this particular variant. Like other Telmatochromis, the sp. “red cheek” is a shell dwelling Tanganyika cichlid. What they lack in size they make up with attitude. These fish can be aggressive, particularly when guarding their home or young fry. Because of their physical differences, they can be kept in tanks with another shell dwelling species like ‘Lamprologus’ provided that the tank is large enough to accommodate them. To discuss Telmatochromis sp. “red cheek”, please visit the Lake Tanganyika forum.

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