Teleogramma obamaorum species described

Teleogramma obamaorum

Teleogramma obamaorum. Photo from publication.

A newly described species of riverine cichlid from the Congo River has been named in honor of President Obama. Melanie Stiassny, research curator at the American Museum of Natural History and Elizabeth Alter, Assistant Professor of Biology at City University of New York, have named the new species Teleogramma obamaorum. This species of Teleogramma differentiates itself from other species through various physical characteristics. The publication also goes into detail about the genetic differences between this species and other Teleogramma and how they are related.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a photograph of a live specimen. Hopefully some will surface soon. If you are into riverine cichlids, Teleogramma obamaorum’sdescription can be found at the American Museum of Natural History website.

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