Steatocranus tinanti from the lower Congo River

Steatocranus tinanti

Steatocranus tinanti. Photo by Dave Hansen

Found in the area of Malebo (Stanley) Pool, Steatocranus tinanti sports the body of a fish born for fast moving waters. Its sleek, elongated body and reduced swim bladder allow it to “hop” along the river’s bottom without being swept away by the Congo River’s strong currents. S. tinanti is a cave spawner known to lay upwards of 100 eggs. Both parents will care for the young until they are old enough to be on their own.

In the aquarium, Steatocranus tinanti can be territorial when breeding. They will excavate shallow pits in sandy-bottom aquariums. Breeding is possible, but due to their shyness a species only tank is your best bet. Otherwise, their peaceful nature and hardiness make them compatible with many other species. The genus and this species is under revision and may be reclassified. To discuss Steatocranus tinanti visit the West African Species forum. Several articles on Steatocranus species can be found in the forum library.

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