Steatocranus irvinei from the Volta River

Steatocranus irvinei

Steatocranus irvinei. Photo by Dave Hansen

Often referred to as the blue-lipped blockhead, Steatocranus irvinei isn’t often seen in the hobby. Originally from the Volta River Basin in Ghana, this West African cichlid is very drab. Despite the lack of color, many Steatocranus fans find beauty in their unique appearance and are endeared with their behavior.

Although several species of Steatocranus do well in community tanks, Steatocranus irvinei does have an aggressive streak and will harass other fish. They need large tanks and do best in a species only tank or with other fish that can take care of themselves. To learn more about Steatocranus check out the article by Dave Hansen Steatocranus: A Genus Review. You can discuss S. irvinei and other West African cichlids in the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.

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