Satanoperca curupira – New species from Brazil

Satanoperca curupira

Satanoperca curupira. Photo by U. Werner

A new species from the Madeira River basin in Brazil has been described. Satanoperca curupira belongs to a genus of fish known for their feeding behavior as eartheaters. They feed by picking up mouthfuls of sand and sifting through it to find small invertebrates and plant matter. The description can be found at Mapress, but it’s behind a paywall.

Satanoperca curupira is named after a Brazilian mythical creature that protects the forest and its creatures from hunters who kill for pleasure or target breeding females and juveniles. A little more about S. curupira can be found at Novataza, unfortunately it is only a couple paragraphs more than the abstract. To discuss this new species visit the South American Cichlids forum.


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