Sarotherodon knauerae from Lake Ejagham

Sarotherodon knauerae

Sarotherodon knauerae. Photo by Greg Steeves

Sarotherodon knauerae is a unique cichlid found in Lake Ejagham located in the western region on Cameroon. Unlike many of the other lakes in the area, Lake Ejagham is not a crater lake. The lake is also isolated, lacking an inflow and its only outflow connects to the Munaya River. Fish from the Munaya River aren’t able to reach Lake Ejaham due to a waterfall. It is believed that only 7 endemic species of fish are found in the lake.

Although not many hobbyists have kept Sarotherodon knauerae, most report that this species is extremely peaceful and hardy. They do well with a diet of standard flakes and are tolerant to a variety of water conditions. S. knauerae has an interesting copper coloration not seen in many species. Its peaceful nature and hardiness make it an idea fish for beginning hobbyists, and also for advanced hobbyists looking to keep and unusual and uniquely colored fish. To discuss S. knauerae visit the West African Species forum.

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