Sarotherodon knauerae from Lake Ejagham

Sarotherodon knauerae

Sarotherodon knauerae. Photo by Greg Steeves

Sarotherodon knauerae was discovered about 5 years ago in the small, isolated Lake Ejaghan. Unlike other lakes in the region, Lake Ejaghan did not form inside a volcanic crater. Instead, the oval shaped Lake Ejaghan is most likely the result of a groundwater solution basin formed during the last Ice Age.

Lake Ejaghan does not have an inflow and its outflow is separated from the Munaya River by a waterfall. These features separated Sarotherodon knauerae from other fish in the region. S. knauerae is the smallest of all Sarotherodons reaching only about 3″. Rarely seen in the hobby, S. knauerae is endangered by pollution and sedimentation. In the lake, S. knauerae feeds on the detritus and spends most of its time in the shallower waters of the lake. To discuss Sarotherodon knauerae, visit the Lake Victoria Basin, West African, Madagascar & Asian Species forum.

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