Pundamilia sp. “black widow”

Pundamilia sp

Pundamilia sp. “black widow”. Photo by Greg Steeves

A strikingly colored Lake Victoria cichlid that has worked itself into the hobby over the last couple years. Little is known about the true origins of Pundamilia sp. “black widow” or if it has already made the rounds under a different name. Regardless, P. sp. “black widow” is an attractive fish. Its black body and multi-color fins make the males stand out from other fish. Females of the species can at times display a dark body but usually lack the fin coloration.

For those who can manage to get their hands on Pundamilia sp. “black widow” some warnings are in order. Males can be quite aggressive and are best kept in groups of a single male with multiple females. Because their origins are unknown and the species name is not official, extra care should be taken when selecting tankmates. Avoid anything that might even remotely resemble this species not only in color but also body shape. All Pundamilia species should be avoided and many other Lake Victoria Basin species. To discuss P. sp. “black widow” visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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