Pundamilia nyererei from Lake Victoria

Pundamilia nyererei

Pundamilia nyererei (Makobe Island). Photo by Robert De Leon

Pundamilia nyererei is a species of fish from Lake Victoria made up of many different location variants. These variants look similar, but show many different color variations. Pictures of the different variants can be found in the Pundamilia species profiles.

Males of this species are very colorful regardless of the variant. Bright reds and yellows are common and make a great addition to anyone looking to add these colors to their aquarium. Pundamilia nyererei males and even the females can be aggressive and may not do well with certain fish. P. nyererei are hardy fish that adapt well to water conditions and foods. While the males are colorful, the females are very plain, rarely showing any color at all. On top of not showing color, the females of the different variants look alike. Cross-breeding between the variants will likely occur if housed together. This is also an issue in the wild. Various factors have driven fish from their normal locations and along with water clarity problems, different variants mix and reproduce. It is important never to keep different variants together. To discuss Pundamilia nyererei visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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