Pundamilia nyererei from Lake Victoria

Pundamilia nyererei

Pundamilia nyererei Mwanza Gulf. Photo by Greg Steeves.

When I think of Lake Victoria cichlids the species that usually comes to mind is Pundamilia nyererei. Their bright colors they so eagerly display make them a treat to watch. P. nyererei are hardy fish that adapt well to a variety of water conditions and foods. They can be aggressive, but usually only toward their own species making them well suited for tankmates with a variety of temperaments. They also reach sexual maturity fairly quickly and breed often.

Pundamilia nyererei males have great coloration but depending on the variant, the color patterns do change. Red is found in most of the variants, but yellows, blues, blacks and greens vary depending on the collection point. A quick look at the Pundamilia genus gallery will give you an idea of the variety of colors available with this species. Before you go out and fill your tank with these Victoria beauties their are a few things to keep in mind. Male P. nyererei can be very aggressive toward other P. nyererei males and the females also take a lot of abuse. A single male with multiple females is recommended for anything smaller than a 4 foot tank. Different variants of P. nyererei should never be housed together as the dominant male will spawn with any P. nyererei female, regardless of where they are from. To discuss Pundamilia nyererei visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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