Pseudotropheus saulosi third release video

A third release of Pseudotropheus saulosi into the waters around Taiwanee Reef in Lake Malawi. This release was made by Larry Johnson and fellow divers last month.

At one time the waters of Taiwanee Reef were swarming with colorful Pseudotropheus saulosi. However, due to over-fishing, the species could hardly be seen. Fortunately P. saulosi are common in the hobby and young individuals are being returned to the area in hopes of reestablishing their numbers. This species was highly desirable due to their size and vivid colors. Dominant males a blue with black bars while females are bright yellow. This species came make a colorful addition to the appropriate aquarium setup. To learn more, read the Species Article by Paul Barber or visit the Lake Malawi forum.

pseudotropheus saulosi

Male and female Ps. saulosi. Photo by Gerard Delany CC BY-SA 2.5

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