Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis described

Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis

Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis. Photo from article – A new species of Pseudocrenilabrus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) from Lake Mweru in the Upper Congo River System

A new species found in Lake Mweru has been described. Lake Mweru is southwest of Lake Tanganyika and forms part of the upper Congo River drainage. The described species has been named Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis, formerly known as Pseudocrenilabrus sp. “orange”. The article describing P. pyrrhocaudalis can be found on the Mapress website behind a paywall.

Pseudocrenilabrus is a small genus made up of fish from different areas of Africa. For instance, P. multicolor victoriae can be found in Lake Victoria and the upper Nile River while P. nicholsi and P. philander are from central and southern African waters. Most Pseudocrenilabrus species are beautifully colored, but that haven’t had much attention in the hobby. An article on P. nicholsi by Dave Hansen can be found in the library. There is no telling when Pseudocrenilabrus pyrrhocaudalis, with its brightly colored tail will be available for fans of uncommon African species. Discussion can be done in the West African Species forum.

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