Prognathochromis sp. “silver stiletto”

Prognathochromis sp

Prognathochromis sp. “silver stiletto”. Photo by Dave Hansen

Prognathochromis sp. “silver stiletto” is a predator from Lake Nawampassa in the Lake Victoria Basin. Using its slender body, the “silver stiletto” will lie in wait among the reeds and quickly ambush unsuspecting fish. In the aquarium, P. sp. “silver stiletto” is undemanding although providing some plant cover will bring out its natural behavior. Like many other predators, this species is relatively docile when not hunting. Care should be taken with tankmates as it can easily be bullied by aggressive fish. Other fish in the tank should also be large enough not to become meals. Foods high in protein are a must for this piscivore.

Hobbyists who want a different look for their aquariums will do well to consider Prognathochromis sp. “silver stiletto”. However, care should be taken to provide them with a proper environment and diet. This fish well not do will with active herbivores like mbuna. To learn more about this predator, read the article titled Prognathochromis (Tridontochromis) sp. “silver stiletto” by Greg Steeves. Discussion can be done in the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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