Plecodus straeleni teeth

Plecodus straeleni

Plecodus straeleni teeth. Photo by Ad Konings

Pictured above is a closeup view of the specialized teeth of a Plecodus straeleni. The genus’ name is derived from Greek and roughly translates to folded teeth. These hook-like teeth are designed to pull scales off of other fish. Scales are the primary food source for P. straeleni.

In addition to having specialized teeth for eating scales, Plecodus straeleni also mimics the appearance of two species from Lake Tanganyika, Neolamprologus sexfasciatus and Cyphotilapia gibberosa. Both of the impersonated species known for not being aggressive toward other species of fish. This mimicry allows P. straeleni to take advantage of other fish’s perceived nature of the mimicked species. More pictures of P. straeleni can be found in the species profiles section. To discuss Plecodus straeleni visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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