Petrotilapia sp. “mumbo yellow” from Lake Malawi

Petrotilapia sp

Petrotilapia sp. “mumbo yellow”. Photo by Ad Konings

Found in the waters around Mumbo Island in southern Lake Malawi, Petrotilapia sp. “mumbo yellow” is a large and colorful mbuna. Like other Petrotilapia, this species can reach lengths of 7 inches, which is unusual for most mbuna. P. sp. “mumbo yellow” spend their days around the sediment-free rocks grazing on aufwuchs. Males are a dirty yellow color with black fins while females are drab with dark barring.

Because of their size and aggressive disposition, Petrotilapia sp. “mumbo yellow” need to be kept in tanks with suitable tankmates. Other species should be hearty and accustomed to aggression. Shy or delicate fish will not do well with P. sp. “mumbo yellow”. Other mbuna with a different color pattern are best and their dietary requirements will be similar. A diet high in plant matter is a must. Best kept in a ratio of one male to multiple females. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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