Petrotilapia genalutea from Lake Malawi

Petrotilapia genalutea

Petrotilapia genalutea. Photo by Ad Konings

Found in shallow waters where rocks are abundant, Petrotilapia genalutea feeds on algae and small organisms it finds living within the algae. Males can be very territorial, claiming an area to themselves and keeping other males and females out. Females and males without a territory of their own sometimes congregate in large groups.

In an aquarium Petrotilapia genalutea should be treated like other mbuna. Males are very aggressive toward other males. Single males with multiple females is the best combination, but more than one male is doable in a large aquarium. Plenty of rock cover is recommended and a diet high in plant material is a must. Petrotilapia are not as available as other more popular mbuna, but they can be found for anyone looking for them. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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