Perissodus eccentricus from Lake Tanganyika

perissodus eccentricus

Perissodus eccentricus. Photo by Ad Konings

One of the many scale-eating species from Lake Tanganyika, Perissodus eccentricus is found in deeper waters ranging between 200 to 300 feet. Occasionally, the species has also been seen in the shallows along the southern rocky shores of the lake. Although scale-eating cichlids are found in all three of the major east African lakes, the majority of species whose primary diet is scales are found in Lake Tanganyika. The development of the scale-eating specialization is not completely understood, but the physiological and behavioral characteristics of some scale-eaters are fairly complex.

Although described more than 40 years ago and its occasional commercial availability, Perissodus eccentricus isn’t often seen in the hobby. Most likely due to its natural feeding behavior and what it would mean to its tankmates. Males can reach upwards of 7 inches in length. To discuss P. eccentricus visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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