Paralabidochromis chilotes Ruti Island

Paralabidochromis chilotes

Paralabidochromis chilotes Ruti Island. Female on right, male on left. Photos by Greg Steeves

Paralabidochromis chilotes in a species of cichlid found in Lake Victoria. There are two recognizable variants, the most common from Zue Island. Males have a checkerboard pattern on their body and dominant males will display greens and blues with red on the chest area. Females from Zue Island are silver with not much color. The other P. chilotes variant is from Ruti Island. While the males have a similar color pattern to males from Zue Island, the females sport a distinctive blotched pattern.

Paralabidochromis chilotes have a slightly upturned snout and as they mature their lips become enlarged. They are often referred to as the thick-lipped Victorian. P. chilotes is similar to other Lake Victoria cichlids. They are tolerant to a variety of water conditions, are generally robust, and easy to breed. P. chilotes is not as aggressive as other Victorian cichlids and does well with a variety of fish. To discuss Paralabidochromis chilotes Ruti Island visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum.

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