Parachromis managuensis from Central America

Parachromis managuensis

Parachromis managuensis. Photo by George Chernilevsky. Wiki Commons

Parachromis managuensis is certainly an impressive fish. Commonly referred to as the Jaguar cichlid for its color pattern. Growing to over a foot in an aquarium, this Central American predator isn’t just large, but also extremely aggressive. Even with a breeding pair, care must be taken to protect the female from the male’s aggression. Large tanks are a must for this species. Large, aggressive cichlids are always a favorite of new hobbyists. Unfortunately, inexperience usually leads to problems. Not only does P. managuensis’ aggression cause issues, but often these fish are housed in tanks that are too small with inadequate filtration.

Parachromis managuensis can be a prolific spawner. Females will lay eggs on a flat surface and will be protected by the parents. They will be cared for by the parents until it is time to breed again. At this time the juvenile fish will be seen as a threat to the new batch so they must be removed. To learn more about Parachromis managuensis, visit the Central American Cichlids forum.

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