Otopharynx selenurus from Lake Malawi

Otopharynx selenurus

Otopharynx selenurus. Photo by Ad Konings.

Otopharynx selenurus is an opportunistic scavenger that can be found throughout Lake Malawi. It prefers to trail behind sand-sifting cichlids that are busy searching for food. Anything that is dug up and missed by these cichlids is picked up by O. selenurus. Since it relies on others to dig up the sand, O. selenurus is usually found over sandy waters at depths between 10 to 75 feet.

Not usually available in the U.S., Otopharynx selenurus seems to enjoy more popularity among European hobbyists. Sometimes found under the name Haplochromis nussae, O. selenurus can get quite large. Males have been known to reach over 8 inches in the aquarium. Since they are best kept with multiple females, a large aquarium with sandy substrate is a must. A diet high in protein is recommended. To discuss this species visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.


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