North American Discus Association

North american discus association

Periodically we use the blog to promote a local cichlid club or association. The scope of the club being bolstered is generally limited to a city, state or region. This time we are taking the opportunity to promote a club whose members are from a large area, but the focus very specific. The North American Discus Association was formed 10 years ago to promote the advancement and education of everything discus.

All discus belong to the small Genus Symphysodon originally found in the Amazon Basin. From a handful of wild discus species, the hobby has created a massive variety of colorful discus with many classes constantly evolving. Discus also have a reputation of being difficult to keep. They aren’t generally recommended for the inexperienced hobbyist, at least not without taking time to understand the requirements needed to successfully keep then. For anyone considering keeping discus or someone who already does, the North American Discus Association is a great place to find information and interact with other discus hobbyists. For more information on the NADA, visit their website at

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