Nimbochromis linni video

A short video showing Nimbochromis linni by PISCES.

Nimbochromis linni is a predator found throughout Lake Malawi. This species inhabits rocky areas near the shore where it hunts smaller fish. N. linni will remain motionless waiting for an opportunity to catch its prey. Using its protractile mouth which expands and can suck fish out of their rocky hiding places.

In the aquarium, Nimbochromis linni can reach 10+ inches. Since they normally live a solitary life, N. linni can be aggressive toward its own species. Due to their size and possible aggression issues, these fish need very large aquariums when fully grown. To discuss N. linni visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

Nimbochromis linni

Nimbochromis linni. Image capture from video

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