Neolamprologus mondabu from Lake Tanganyika

Neolamprologus mondabu

Neolamprologus mondabu. Photo by Ad Konings

Although found throughout most of Lake Tanganyika’s shores, Neolamprologus mondabu isn’t often seen in the hobby. Living mostly around rocky areas, N. mondabu occationally ventures out over the sand, especially when it’s time to breed. This species feeds on Lamprichthys tanganicanus eggs or invertebrates living on the rocks. Both sexes look very similar, but males reach 4 inches in length while females are about an inch shorter.

In the aquarium Neolamprologus mondabu needs rocks and a sandy bottom to feel comfortable and to demonstrate their natural behavior. Pairs can deposit upwards of 200+ per spawn. The female will protect the young fry until they are old enough to be on their own. Although not an overly aggressive species, N. mondabu can become problematic when breeding or caring for their fry. Tankmates should have a compatible diet, but not share the same hiding areas. To discuss this species visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.


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