Neochromis sp. ‘Entebbe’ library article


Male Neochromis sp. ‘Entebbe’. Photo by Don Greg Steeves

A new addition to the forum’s library is a short description of the Victorian cichlid Neochromis sp. ‘Entebbe’. Despite the brevity of the article, it is not short on pictures. The pictures include a male in full display and several shots of a pair spawning. Although Neochromis sp. ‘Entebbe’ isn’t exactly rare, it is also not found in many tanks, including fulu fanatics. Like many other Victorian species, N. sp. ‘Entebbe’ appears to be a prolific spawner. What sets this species apart from many other cichlids is the striking red coloration on its fins. For more information on Neochromis sp. ‘Entebbe’ visit the species article in the library. To discuss this species and any other Victorian cichlids, make sure to stop by the Lake Victoria forum.

A special thanks to Don Greg Steeves for allowing us to use his article. You can listen to him on his monthly radio show Let’s Talk About Cichlids.

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