Ndole Bay – 5 hours of uncut video

LightSearch has posted several uncut video from Ndole Bay in Lake Tanganyika. The video below is 5 hours long, shot from a stationary position allowing us to see this fish behaving naturally.

The video is of shell dwellers going about their business. In the foreground some ‘Lamprologus’ multifasciatus tend to their shells. Beyond the ‘L.’ multifasciatus different fish can be seen including Altolamprologus compressiceps Sumbu, a shell dwelling “calvus” type. Ndole Bay is in the southern part of Lake Tanganyika and is the home to many species often seen in the hobby.

For information on several species seen in the video check out this site’s Shell Dweller Corner in the library. To discuss the many shell dwelling species visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

Ndole Bay

Adult ‘Lamprologus’ multifasciatus and fry.

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