Myaka myaka library article

Myaka myaka

Myaka myaka. Photo by Dave Hansen

There are a series of volcanic crater lakes in the West African country of Cameroon. One of the largest, Lake Barombi Mbo, is home to a variety of cichlids unique to its waters. An article by Greg Steeves titled Insight on Barombi Mbo, Cameroon gives a synopsis of the unusual cichlids found in this deadly lake. One of these species is Myaka myaka, and a profile have been added to the library.

The plan was to have an article describing the Myaka myaka and detailing the best method to spawn this species. Unfortunately, like many others who have kept M. myaka, spawning these fish has proven elusive. Despite the setback, the article gives a short description on keeping M. myaka. These fish are unique, aggressive and a joy to watch. For more information check out the new Myaka myaka library article. To discuss this species visit the West African species forum.

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