Maskaheros argenteus spawn video

A short video of an impressive pair of Maskaheros argenteus spawning by scalare1973 Cichlids.

Found along various rivers in southern Mexico and Guatemala, Maskaheros argenteus prefers ponds or slow moving waters. Feeding mostly on crustaceans and some plant matter, M. argenteus can reach a foot in length. Females are usually smaller. Although tough to distinguish the sexes when they are young, once matured the males will be larger and will eventually develop a hump on the forehead as seen in the video. This species has gone by the names Paraneetroplus argenteus and Vieja argentea, but is commonly known as White cichlid.

In the aquarium Maskaheros argenteus can be difficult. Aggression is common and intense when spawning. Their size and temperament make a large tank a must for adults. Spawning takes place in the usual egg-layer fashion. The territory and young offspring are vigorously defended by the parents. To discuss this species visit the Central American Cichlids forum.

Maskaheros argenteus

Maskaheros argenteus. Screen capture from video


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