Lipochromis sp. ‘Mwanza’ article

Lipochromis sp

Lipochromis sp. ‘Mwanza’ about to feed from an Enterochromis sp. ‘blue obliquidens’. Photo by Don Greg Steeves

The cichlids of Africa have evolved many distinct feeding behaviours. Some have specialized mouths and teeth for algae on rocks. Other species sift through the sand for organisms buried within it. Perhaps the most unusual feeding mechanism is employed by several species found in all three of the major African lakes. Paedophage cichlids are those that specialize in eating the young of other fish. They don’t just prey on young fry, they seek out and take fish from mouthbrooding females either by ramming the fry loose or by attaching themselves to the mother’s mouth and extracting the fry. Don Greg Steeves has witnessed both of these behaviours and was able to photograph one of these events. His article titled “Lipochromis sp. ‘Mwanza’ – Caught in the Act” can be found in the Library section and is the latest addition to an already extensive collection of species profiles.

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