Lipochromis melanopterus from Lake Victoria

Lipochromis melanopterus

Lipochromis melanopterus Makobe Island. Photo by Greg Steeves

Lipochromis melanopterus is another Lake Victoria cichlid that isn’t seen in the hobby very often, but they make a great addition to a variety of aquariums. Like other Lake Victoria Haplochromines, L. melanopterus is a hardy fish that has great color and breeds easily. Victorian cichlids are often thought to be too aggressive for beginning hobbyists, but in reality most are no more aggressive than other popular cichlids.

Male Lipochromis melanopterus have the familiar barring and bright colors of other Victorian cichlids. However, the females are orange blotched (OB) instead other the usual dull grey. To discuss L. melanopterus visit the Lake Victoria Basin forum. To learn more about Lake Victoria cichlids in general, check out the article New to the Hobby Haplochromines by Greg Steeves for information on other great species from the region.

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