Les Kaufman article on Lake Victoria biodiversity

les kaufman

Some of the many haplochromine species

An interesting article by Les Kaufman on the importance of biodiversity for an ecosystem’s resilience. Kaufman is a professor of biology at Boston University. He has been interested in cichlids since he was a student at Johns Hopkins University.

Les Kaufman’s article discusses how biodiversity helps and ecosystem withstand changes and pressures. Unfortunately, Lake Victoria’s biodiversity was devastated after the introduction of the Nile Perch. What was once 80% of the biomass made up of cichlid species became 80% Nile Perch. Despite these changes there is still hope for the remaining cichlid species and the human population that depends on a healthy Lake Victoria. The article can be found on Secure Fisheries website. Most haplochromine species can be discussed in the Lake Victoria Basin forum.


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