Lamprologus callipterus stealing a shell

Video of Lamprologus callipterus displaying some of its wild behavior in a tank.

Many of us have seen this behavior in National Geographic’s Jewel of the Rift video, but here it is demonstrated in a tank. Lamprologus callipterus males will steal shells from other males, sometimes with females inside. This shell dweller also has the distinction of having a substantial sexual size dimorphism. Males are considerably larger than females. The size difference is so significant that it is hard to believe they are the same species. Male L. callipterus can have harems of as many as 30 females.

For more information on Lamprologus callipterus and an explanation of the size differential between males and females, make sure to read the Species Article by Dolores Schütz.

Lamprologus callipterus

Lamprologus callipterus male. Courtesy of Dolores Schütz

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