‘Lamprologus’ brevis from Lake Tanganyika


‘Lamprologus’ brevis male and female. Photo by Dave Hansen

Another interesting shelldweller species from Lake Tanganyika is the ‘Lamprologus’ brevis. What these little fish lack in size they make up for in behavior and attitude. In the wild, ‘L’ brevis is widely distributed throughout the lake forming colonies among discarded snail shells. Color variants of the species have developed in different parts of the lake.

In the aquarium, ‘Lamprologus’ brevis provide endless hours of entertainment as they bury their shells and rearrange their aquascape. A single pair can be kept in a tank as small as 10 gallons, but a larger aquarium with a group or other species is more entertaining. These little fish can be quite aggressive in defending their territory and will not hesitate to bite your hand if it gets too close. Females are smaller then males and will bury a shell in the sand. Once a male is attracted, the female will lay her eggs and the male will fertilize them. After that, the male moves on while the female will protect the brood until they are old enough to take care of themselves. For more information on ‘Lamprologus’ brevis check out the Species Article by Eric Ryan or visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.

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